About us

We are an idea
We are a new concept
We are the tomorrow’s citizens

     We are an idea
     We are a new concept
     We are the tomorrow’s citizens                                                                       
     Do you ever picture yourself spending 24/7                
     thinking about something or someone?
     Maybe we actually do rent our mind when we are in love,
     obsessed with something we want or like.
     We spent so much time in our minds that we could actually  
     make a living of overthinking.

     In citizens of tomorrow we offer that space on our mind for you,
     for creative purposes.
     We’ll take care of your project and make it something unique and special.

     We offer multidisciplinary services to make ideas happen.
     These services include creative direction, production,
     photography, video, motion graphics and more services from out of space.

     These are the citizens that build our creative team


      Loli Laboureau       👽️      Amanda Trosman